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Mobile Distribution Solutions are proud to supply Wholesale Nokia mobile phones.

For years Nokia reigned supreme at the top of the mobile phone tree. They were known for producing handsets that were not only packed with great features but were also incredibly easy to use. The combination of the two set them apart from their competition and even today the oldest, more basic handsets are still hugely popular with those who don’t want an all singing all dancing smartphone simply something to make calls and send texts on.

All good things come to an end, so they say, and along with every other manufacturer Nokia was hit hard when Apple released their first iPhone. Sales of older models kept them afloat as they searched for a way of getting back into the mix via a new handset. Their persistence paid off and with their Lumia range Nokia is once again one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers.

The hugely popular Lumia series is based on the latest Windows 8 OS and the intuitive and intelligent interface is one of its biggest appeals. Every model in the Nokia Lumia series carries a large display with top quality graphics and a top of the range camera whose features make the Lumia a viable alternative to both a Galaxy and an iPhone.

We stock many of Nokia’s most popular models of phone, including several in the Lumia series. Those looking to add these top notch handsets to their inventory have come to the right place, and here are a few more details about several of the handsets in the Lumia range.

Lumia 630

The very affordable Lumia 630 is packed with all those features you know and love, and a few extra ones thrown in for good measure. It’s introduction hailed it as the best ever Windows phone experience and allowed us to type with a swipe thanks to Word Flow, the fastest keyboard around bar none. The all new actions centre allowed us to see all our social updates, settings and chats with just one, you’ve guessed it, swipe. The real time tiles are the what makes Windows 8 instantly recognisable and you can customise your start screen by adding your own background photo adding even more fun to the whole tile experience.

Lumia 635

Billed as the handset to offer its users countless experiences this model brought us the very latest features in a Windows phone. The 4G connectivity was lightning fast and, thanks to its quad core processor, everything on the the Lumia 635 moves at extreme speed that offers you an altogether superior experience via the stunning 4.5” screen. The 635 showcased all the latest and improved features in a Windows phone, and the real time streamless synching between all screens made this handset a top seller.

Lumia 800

The first Window phone to arrive on the market following the Nokia/Microsoft tie up, the Lumia 800 had the smart exterior styling of its much less hyped predecessor the N9, a Meego based smartphone but the screen size was reduced to 3.7” in order to conform with the Windows phone specs list. The CPU, on the other hand, was increased to the 1.5GHz MSM8255 snapdragon/scorpion from the 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 and this upgrade certainly put a snap into the performance of the new Windows Phone Mango OS.

Lumia 930

The very latest model in the Lumia range that we are all eagerly awaiting. This phone boasts the latest Windows 8.1 OS and has been reduced inside to fit nicely into the palm of any hand. With its bright, full HD 5” display, a 20MP Pureview Camera, built in wireless charging and surround sound recordings. Users can connect and engage with both apps and people and enjoy a seamless experience courtesy of Windows across all screens. As this is the latest Windows phone it promises something very special bt ensuring that those things which matter the most are always with you, whether you are on your phone, PC or Xbox. The Live Tiles keep you right up to speed with what is happening within your world, whilst brand new features such as customisable background images fro the home screen makes the this Windows 8.1 phone the most personal ever.

Lumia 1320

The big and beautiful Lumia 1320 boasts a mighty 6”, 720p HD display, superfast 4G LTE connectivity and a colourful and bright design. The bigger screen means you can get more out of your games, apps, videos, pictures etc and you can turn those precious moments in amazing stories thanks to the Nokia Storyteller, Nokia Camera and such awesome photo editing tools like Creative Studio and Cinemagraph.

Anyone who sells mobile phones for a living must include Nokia’s in their inventory for their sheer, unerring appeal. Filling in the form on the left right now will get you our latest price less and you can see for yourself what great Nokia phones we offer. With prices starting at only £7.50 we offer a great way to make yourself some money without making a huge initial investment.