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Mobile Distribution Solutions are proud to supply wholesale HTC mobile phones.

HTC have been one of the leading manufacturer’s of smartphones for the last decade and continue to innovate and release handsets that consumers can’t wait to buy. Whilst they did suffer something of a lull in the last few years they have made a huge comeback in the last year with the launch of their ‘One’ handset. The HTC One has won multiple awards for it’s style and usability. HTC handsets are based on Android software and they are one of the leading manufacturer’s of Android phones.

Some of the models we stock include  HTC One X ,HTC Touch 2, HTC Desire X, HTC HD Mini and HTC HD2. All the HTC handsets that we provide come with their one year guarantee so you can buy with full peace of mind.

Whether you have an established business or are new to selling mobile phones, HTC models are a must have addition to your inventory. If you’d like to request a price list then simply fill in the form to the right with the relevant information.

Mobile Distributions Solutions are UK based Limited company with vast experience supplying mobile phones and accessories to customers across the globe. When you order from us you can be assured of excellent customer service and highly competitive prices. We have contracts with some of the biggest suppliers of mobile phones and are Official Apple account holders.


It is time to brace yourself as the lightening fast browsing, outstanding picture quality and the gaming visuals which are positively seamless will blow your socks off. All this comes courtesy of the immense power generated from the quad core processor and it is is all wrapped in a classy, minimalist design that has won several awards.

The crystal clear clarity of the camera has to be seen to be believed as it captures every single moment even in dull, low light conditions. You can even take a photo at the same time you are shooting an HD video. If your mobile phone is your device of choice for listening to music then your ears are in for a real treat thanks to the Beats Audio™ which delvers a deep, authentic sound complete with true and finely-tuned details. Add into the mix the 4.7” super LCD 2 display and this phone is hard to beat.

HTC Touch 2

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Looking at the Touch 2 from a hardware perspective, it would be very easy to write it off as underwhelming. However, this is an HTC handset after all and that word simply doesn’t exist in their world. When released the Touch 2 offered a user friendly alternative in terms of size to a touchscreen market that seemed to be getting bigger by the day and also becoming heavier and more cumbersome.

There was another big plus too; the matt finish on the sides and on the back brought relief to those demented by the current trend for glossy casing which attracted fingerprints and scratches like moths to a flame. Design wise it was simple, with a the only real detail being a chrome trim running around the outside edge, clearly demonstrating how less can be more when it comes to phone designs.

HTC Desire X

The HTC Desire gave everybody the chance to pick up a phone that sounded as good as it looked. With Beats AudioTM incorporated into the design of the phone the user is delivered a studio quality audio that is completely uncompromised. This carries right through your videos, music and even game play. That’s not all that is great about the Desire X however, as it is also an overall top performer. The dual core processor, crisp 4” display offering brilliant clarity and a camera that surpasses all expectations and puts many digital camera to shame. This is a top of the range handset that is still a leader in its class.


Quite how they managed to fit so many technological features into this dinky little handset beggars belief, but HTC pulled it off with style. Not only does this phone pack a mighty punch under the bonnet, it also looks amazing too. If ever you needed proof that good stuff does indeed come in little bundles it is the HTC HD Mini, and as far as a top quality mobile phone is concerned size really doesn’t matter!

Buying HTC phones Mobile Distribution Solutions

Every HTC handset that we supply comes complete with its one year guarantee allowing you to buy from Mobile Distribution Solutions with complete peace of mind. Whether you are already running an established phone business are new to the trade, HTC’s are essential items to have in your inventory.

Spend a minute or two filling in the contact form on the right to get our latest range of in stock HTC handsets and their great prices.