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Mobile Distribution Solutions are proud to supply wholesale Blackberry mobile phones throughout the UK..

Blackberry are one of the most popular model of phones amongst business users although they’re popularity isn’t limited to this demographic. Many people love the style of Blackberry handsets and prefer the keys to a touchscreen. What makes Blackberry phones so popular is a mixture of great looks and innovative features such as the incredibly popular Blackberry messenger.

Business people are particularly attracted to Blackberry handsets because of their features such as one touch email and full internet browsing. The business market is a substantial one for mobile phones so there is plenty of opportunity for smart investors to make money.

We stock some of the most popular models of Blackberry including the Blackberry Bold 9900. If you’d like to request a price list for all the phones we stock then simply fill in the form to the right and we’ll get back to you.

Business users have long favoured Blackberry phones but their popularity certainly isn’t limited to only this demographic. You can see why business people would be attracted to Blackberry with their one touch email access and the ability to fully browse the Internet. The business market equals big bucks for whichever manufacturer ticks all the boxes as far as the requirements of these users are concerned, and Blackberry are right up there.

Blackberry handsets have many fans particularly amongst those who would take a keyboard over a touch screen every time. There are many things that you can point to when trying to pin down just why Blackberry is so popular, and right up there is their innovative range of features including their massively popular Blackberry messenger service.

Here at Mobile Distribution Solutions we stock some of the very best, and most popular, Blackberry models including the one below; the Bold 9900.

Blackberry Bold 9900


Just when we thought Blackberry were losing their way a bit, along comes the Bold 9900 to prove our fears were ungrounded. Blackberry have always been pretty clever in that instead of spending billions developing new technology they have waited to see what everyone else was doing then tweaked it a bit, a very smart business move. Thus Internet browsing, cameras. HTML emails all came to the Blackberry after we had seen them elsewhere, and they were well worth the wait.

Recent models which work on this premise were the popular Bold 9780 and 9700, but the fact that the Bold 9900 is actually offering new and cutting edge technology came as a bit of a shock, especially to its critics. Not only is is super smart on the inside it is also super smart on the outside and is by far the best looking Blackberry ever.

The Bold 9900 has a 1.2GHz processor, a high specification touchscreen, a brand spanking new OS7 and a top quality HD video camera. Many thought these features wouldn’t appear in a Blackberry for decades yet here they are and they are really something.

Purists have no need to panic, as alongside all this tech is the staple top notch keyboard and the state of the art security that ensure it will appeal to long time Blackberry fans. It really is great to see parent company RIM taking the initiative and being a shepherd rather than a sheep and have employed the near field communication chip. This is a bit of tech that has been around for a while, and manufacturers have hummed and haaed but failed to include it in their handsets as yet. Now it is here in the Bold 9900, and with the additional tech as well Blackberry have pretty much left their competitors at the starting line.

About Blackberry

Blackberry were rather late in joining the mobile phone market, and the first product they released back in 1999 was actually an email pager. Using their own unique Blackberry server and offering a fully qwerty keypad, Blackberry took the market by stone when they released their first mobile handset in 2003. They plugged the gap in the market for those who wanted to send emails quickly rather than having to faff about with a standard mobile phone keypad. Another feature in the original handsets was a monochrome keypad to replicate the business emailing and memo environment. It carved itself a nice niche in the market by offering all manner of wireless telecommunications apart from emailing including faxing.

As well as having colour displays, the later Blackberry handsets incorporated what they call ‘thumbing’, which effectively means they keyboards are optimised so users can send messages quickly using only their thumbs.

While you may not recall many models from other manufacturers, chances are the names Pearl, Curve, Torch and Storm will be instantly recognisable. It is not only their names that are distinctive; when somebody pulls out a Blackberry phone you know what it is immediately, there is no craning of the neck to try and spot the manufacturers mark.

We at Mobile Distribution Solutions are proud to have Blackberry as part of our phone family and are able to highlight the way the company has moved with the times and, in some people’s opinions, come back from the dead thanks to the Bold 9900.

Please fill in the form to your right for our latest up to date list of current Blackberry handsets we have in stock, and of course their prices.