Why are Second Hand Mobile Phones Becoming the First Choice?

Posted on: September 14th, 2016

“I own a mobile phone” sounded elite, top drawer and rare in early 1980s but the same statement today sounds regular and strange if you don’t own one! The applications of mobile phones have widened just as opposite to its shortened name ‘cell’. It was introduced as a means of luxury and making emergency contacts to people far beyond our physical reach. It continues to be one of the most useful and ingenious inventions of all time. But is it also the healthiest one?

Around half of mobile phone users suffer from ‘Nomophobia’ i.e., fear of being without your cell phone. And what’s wrong in suffering from it? After all, you have been breaking banks to buy the phones that cost double your capacity. Recent trolls, on how expensive iPhone 7 is, explain it much better. Those who can’t afford to buy high end cell phones resort to second hand phones. This has made number of used mobile phone wholesalers to rise quickly during the last decade.

Using second hand mobile phones indicated a sign of financial crisis and obvious deprecation. Many would say either buy a new one or wait to buy a new one. Second hand option was never counted. Well, times change, people change. With increase in investments, limited resources are leaving us very little money allocated for ‘luxurious’ necessity. It is not prudent enough for this so called ‘smart’ generation to make a hole in their pockets to buy high end cell phones but is smart enough to buy one from say,  wholesale Apple iPads UK for better utilization of their precious money.

Some online platforms which facilitate selling of pre-owned stuff often provide you with second hand mobile phones with quality being as good as a new one. You can buy the best of cell phones with the least of prices. If you’re a corporate and you need to buy bulk quantity of cell phones to be gifted to your employees, wholesale second hand cell phones are the way to go. There has been an upsurge in wholesale mobile phones UK business due to change of preference and perception of people.

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