The cheapest mobile phone in the uk? Asda launches a £5 phone

Posted on: November 14th, 2013

Modern smartphones boast an incredibly impressive array of features that could only have been dreamt of 15 years ago. However with these features usually comes a hefty price tag which for many is simply not affordable. There are also a large number of consumers who simply do not want or need a lot of the features that come with a modern smartphone. To cater to this market Asda has launched what is believed to be the cheapest mobile phone in the UK – the Alcatel 1010. You can read more details about the phone below -


The cheapest mobile phone in the uk? Asda launches a £5 phone


Asda has launched what’s claimed to be the UK’s cheapest mobile phone - just £5 on a pay-as-you-go deal. And, unlike other low-cost phones, there’s no minimum top-up charge.

The phone, which is available on the T-Mobilenetwork, is the Alcatel 1010. As you’d expect for the price, this is a basic feature phone that can’t handle the internet or games, but can make and receive calls and texts. It has a 1.45-inch colour screen with keypad, and comes with FM radio and MP3, but just 3Mb memory. It comes in black or two shades of red, and at 59 grams, weighs less than the latest iPhone.




In similar news – Motorola has recently launched a new mid-range phone that will undercut all their competitors. Read more details below

Moto G: Motorola launches £135 phone


Motorola’s first phone to launch in Europe since the company was acquired by Google will aim to undercut all its rivals on price, the company has revealed.

The much-rumoured, mid-range Moto G launched today at £135, offering a 4.5” screen and Android 4.3, with the promise of an upgrade to the latest version soon.

Dennis Woodside, the chief executive, said typical consumers with £150 to spend on a mobile phone were forced to use software that was two or three generations out of date and ran on cheap hardware. “It’s really a poor experience. That’s a big problem we wanted to go solve,” he claimed.

Mr Woodside said “The Moto G solves that problem for one fifth of the cost of an iPhone 5s. We really built this to compete with the iPhone: it’s got a 25 per cent bigger display than the 5s, Qualcomm’s latest quad processor, 18 different combinations of backs and a guaranteed update to the latest Android experience.”




The cost of modern smartphones and the effect it has on many people’s financial problems is very much overlooked. This is very much what is fuelling the release of the cheaper handsets featured in the above stories. Manufacturers know that there is a big market in selling budget smartphones purely because many people simply cannot afford the latest and greatest models. Be sure to keep checking back here for the latest smartphone news.