Mobile Phone Distributors

Posted on: November 6th, 2013

With the popularity of mobile phones at an all time high it makes sense that a lot of people are now looking to make money by selling them. Whilst there is a lot of opportunity in the mobile phone market, those who are serious about it will need to do a good amount of research and know exactly how to go about sourcing mobile phones. As with any business, the ultimate goal is to buy low and sell high.

With so many models of mobile phone out there it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. A big part of this decision will come down to your budget. If you do not have a lot of capital to invest initially then high end phones such as the iPhone 5 or Galaxy s4 are going to be out of the question. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t make money selling mobile phones since there are so many niche markets out there. For example the business market is an incredibly lucrative one and you can take advantage of this by stocking handsets that appeal to that market.


Where to Find Mobile Phone Distributors


When looking for mobile phone distributors it’s important to bear in mind a few key things. Firstly is that in most cases it’s better to source closer to home rather than in countries like China. The reason for this is that not only are there a lot of scammers in China but there are also a lot of poorly made, unreliable goods being sold. When it comes to electronics and especially products such as mobile phones, this is simply unacceptable and will cause you a great deal of problems in the long run.

For this reason it is better to source a distributor closer to home rather than a manufacturer overseas. When you’re dealing with a legitimate distributor you can be assured that you will be getting quality goods which means you don’t have any headaches to deal with when it comes to quality.


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