Know About Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Smartphone Rather Laptop

Posted on: November 25th, 2015

Know About Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Smartphone Rather Laptop

The life we are living is full of comforts, all thanks to the latest technological advancements. Gone are the days when geographical distinctions were one of the major barriers making exchange of information and insights difficult, as today, we carry the world in our pocket in the form of Smartphones. The invention of Smartphone is no less than a boon for the modern day people, who can find an urgent need to transact or connect with anybody living millions of miles away. These people are always ready with a to-do list, where one may find almost anything- right from forwarding an urgent mail to the associate to placing an order for a classy watch from any e-store. On the contrary, youth and teens are in love with these gadgets for several of the reasons- they are always connected with their friends over social media, exchange media files, download games and click awesome pictures to create lasting memories of the joyful times. However, have you ever given it a thought that one can do all such things with a laptop too, then what is that makes buying Smartphone such a big fuss? Well, if you have started pondering about the same, then let us help you- know why and how Smartphones are a lifeline of the modern generation and a better investment than a laptop.

  1. 1.   It is Your Best Buddy that Sticks with You All the Time

Haha, we know you know that! But what can rank #1 other than being its all time availability with you. Unlike laptop that by no chance can fit in your pocket or clutch, a Smartphone can easily slip into your pocket or in zipper of your purse. Moreover, while heading out to an event, odds are very less that you will carry your laptop along, but yes, you can certainly flaunt your latest Smartphone there, and yet stay connected with your work and people.

  1. 2.   Voice Calling

Well, via a laptop, you can make audio/video calls through Skype or Google Voice, but the fact remains same that the kind of communication one can enjoy with a phone is incomparable. To make one very clear, an actual call is apt, and doing the same with a Smartphone that associates call adding, call diversion and other features is surely even more helpful and worth the money.

  1. 3.   Texting is Fun

If you wish to deliver short and meaningful information, what can be any better than dropping a text message! This does not require logging to the email account, nor demands a conversation through Skype. A single message sent and you are sorted!

  1. 4.   Navigation Features

With your Smartphone, buying an additional GPS system or those outdated paper maps is no longer needed. A Smartphone can easily guide you through the destination, and tell the location of nearest hotel, mall, restaurant and anything that you want to know.

  1. 5.   Smartphone Lets You Entertained all the time

A Smartphone can never leave you unentertained. Whether you are travelling or are stuck amidst a traffic jam- a Smartphone can tune up your mood by letting you enjoy some great songs, chatting on messengers, make a quick call, check notifications and several else without any inconvenience. Such flexibilities are without a doubt, missing in the case of a laptop.

So, now you are very clear these latest technological mates are preferred over laptop. Even if you own a laptop, the significance offered by Smartphones can noway be compared with laptops. A large number of people even buy used Smartphones to own a lavish device in their hands at a fraction of real cost. Wholesale Blackberry phones, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and others are available in used inventory that you can buy and make the most use out of them. Whether you wish to buy a wholesale Blackberry or Nokia phone, get in touch with reliable wholesale suppliers and buy a premium Smartphone that fits well in your budget and matches your individual preferences