Is Investing in Windows Phone a Smart Decision?

Posted on: November 16th, 2015

How often have you seen people investing in a Windows phone? It is often seen that when people think of getting a new Smartphone for themselves, they are always in a fix regarding the two of the priority options Android and iOS, and ignore the existence of another premium choice Windows, which is meritorious in its own significant ways. However, we understand that making a choice of the most eminent operating system never gets easy, as each of them associates some strengths and pullbacks that require a significant attention to make a well-informed decision.

If we talk about the Windows OS, the fact needs no introduction that it is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use OS that offers its users a highly sophisticated and customizable interface, which is conjoined with the premium and sleek look to draw the unrivaled attention of every passerby. Not just Windows phone are an eye candy that is attractive inside out, but comprises of number of utility features and functionalities which can prove to be amazingly useful for its owners. Know how buying Windows Phone is a worth considering decision-

  • Presence of Live Tiles

Unlike Android that has widgets and iOS that has folders and icons, Windows Phone have live tiles which empower the users with great flexibility and customization options. Flipping images of contacts on home screen, ebooks, upcoming events and websites, emails in the inbox and several such is right before you- you can pin anything that you need frequently and avail the swift access to get going!

  • Quality Build Phones with Different Screen Sizes

Windows Phone deserves a bet for its partnership with Nokia, which is one of the most valuable brands in the market that is known for quality manufacturing and reliability. Nokia features an extensive variety of Smartphones that are apt for every budgetary specification, with screen sizes available from 4″ to 6″. No matter you want a grand looking phone to flaunt in your circle or need a basic Smartphone that complements your corporate needs; you can buy them from wholesale Nokia sellers to own value for money products.

·         OneDrive

Formerly known as SkyDrive, Windows Phone offers a cloud storage platform called OneDrive that provides easy storage, syncing and sharing of every file type with people and devices connected to network. This free online storage makes it possible for users to access and share files from any device or web browsers that are stored on OneDrive.

  • Unmatched Social Integration

Windows Phone integrates popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing users to post anything on them using the Me live tile. This eliminates the need of having a dedicated app to interact and communicate with your near and dear ones.

Apart from the aforementioned strengths of Windows Phone, there are several others as well that make it a super interesting volition. Groups and Rooms, Microsoft office, Kid’s Corner, Microsoft integration and support, XBox integration and many more are there to offer exceptional services and ease of use to its user. A large number of sellers nowadays are stocking wholesale Nokia Phones- right from the entry level Lumia 520 to high-end Lumia 920 and 1020, you can buy whatever pleases you most easily from them to own a classy Windows Phone with great ease.