Fewer than one in three Africans has a mobile phone

Posted on: November 16th, 2013

Mobile phones are so prevalent now that it’s easy to see them as a common possession rather than a luxury. Of course this is not the case and in many impoverished parts of the world the citizens there simply cannot afford a mobile phone. This is shown clearly in new figures that highlight the fact that fewer than one in three people in Africa do not own a mobile phone. Read more details about this story below


Fewer than one in three Africans has a mobile phone


(Reuters) – Fewer than one in three Africans has a mobile phone and recent rapid growth in subscribers will slow if governments don’t improve access to spectrum and rein in taxes on the industry, a lobby group representing mobile networks said on Monday.

There were 502 million mobile connections in sub-Saharan Africa as of June, industry body GSMA said.

But with most people owning about two SIM cards, the number of unique subscribers falls to 253 million – around 31 percent of the population, it added.

In developed markets, four out of five people have a mobile phone, while in other emerging markets it is one in every two, although the figures for Africa may also be affected by its relatively young population and higher levels of poverty.

Mobile phone usage has spread more rapidly in Africa than on any other continent recently – at an average 18 percent a year in the last five years.

But the next phase of growth will be much slower if governments there do not overhaul their policies on taxation and access to spectrum, GSMA said.


Source: http://uk.reuters.com/


In news closer to home, a mobile phone driving warning has been issued to drivers in Ashbourne as part of Road Safety Week in a hope to cut down the number of serious injuries and deaths that are caused by multi-tasking at the wheel. Read more details below -


Mobile phone driving warning


A ROAD safety campaign has launched this week aimed at discouraging drivers from ‘multi-tasking’ at the wheel.

Road safety charity Brake is using the national Road Safety Week initiative to call on drivers in and around Ashbourne to turn off their mobile phones or put them in the boot, and to refuse to speak on the phone to someone while they are driving.

The campaign is being launched almost a decade after hand-held mobiles at the wheel were banned and coincides with the week-long enforcement campaign.

The ‘Tune in to Road Safety campaign will be supported by activities across the region highlighting the dangers of taking eyes, hands or mind off the road and will also be backed up with heightened police enforcement.


Source: http://www.ashbournenewstelegraph.co.uk/


As with any other form of technology, mobile phones are a double-edged sword. They have doubtless brought about great advances in communication, making it possible to keep in touch with anyone across the globe. However there are more negative issues such as the dangers they bring as highlighted in the story above. When it comes to the issue of safety, personal responsibility is always the most important factor.

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